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ELSA has launched our Personal Trainer for Interior Architecture and Design program as well as our furniture collection in Habitare09


Is your home in shape? What about your office? If not, ELSA will get you back in shape and form.

The needs and wishes of the client are our starting point, the result will be a well designed and functional shape bringing structure and ease to your life and work. We will make sure that your home or office- improvement project will bring you pride and joy.

You can select the areas needing improvement from ELSA's 5 step program or you can choose the whole palette.

ELSA's 5 step program
- exercises in space 

- managing chaos in space
- shaping up the surfaces
- styling and aesthetics
- lights and enlightening

FURNITURE BY ELSA, both made to measure and limited edition collections

Made to measure furniture

Sometimes you just can't find the right piece of furniture from the stores. You propobably want something more unique and interesting, something really designed for you to your home or office. ELSA designs unique and functional furniture for your needs and space. ELSA will take care of the customised manufacturing of the furniture together with our manufacturing partners in Finland. We have a network of long standing partners around Finland and will find the right maker for your made to measure pieces.

Limited edition collection:

Our limited edition collection is called ELSANOMIA and is designed and made in Finland together with our manufacturing partners. Together we create furniture that is functional and ecological. There is always some twist in the design to make it more interesting and we think our furniture is also very beautiful. New ideas keep popping up, the current models will be sold and the collection evolves with new designs and styles coming in. Stay tuned and find yourself a future classic.